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Emergency Preparedness

Each site within the Richland School District has an extensive Emergency Plan for emergency situations. Please see Sequoia plan below along with  Spanish translation.

Sequoia Safe School and Emergency Plan201718.docx SPAN -Sequoia Safe School and Emergency Plan 2017-18.docx


Emergency Map with AED locations:

Sequoia Map Emergency20172018.docx

 Emergency Parent Pick up and Release Maps:

Evac Parent Release SQ Map201718.docx



For Parents

First Grade Sight Words

Parents, help your students  prepare for their quarterly sight word goal with attached Sight Word List-



Proficiencies for each quarter are explained as such:

Quarter 1 50+ words Proficient
Quarter 2 100+ words Proficient
Quarter 3 160+ words Proficient
Quarter 4 220 + words Proficient


Kinder Expectations

Our Kinder students will be working hard this year. Some of the expectations and deadlines are below. Students will be rewarded for meeting these expectations by the time specified. Parents can help with the materials that are provided and reading every night!

Write and Identify all letters/sounds

End Q 2 December 15, 2017

Know with automaticity first 10 sight words

End Q 2 December 15, 2017

Know with automaticity 1-20 sight words

January 26, 2018

Know with automaticity 1-30 sight words

March 2, 2018

Know with automaticity 1-40 sight words

April 27,2018

Master decoding CVC words- as demonstrated by HM (or like) leveled passages and 1-50 Sight Words

May 25, 2018


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